The Pet Hospital of MadisonAs pets grow and age, their health needs change. The Pet Hospital of Madison’s veterinarians and staff will counsel you on preventive health care measures to protect your pet at every stage of life and to provide the best possibility of early detection of disease or health concerns. Through regular veterinary care, exercise, and quality nutrition, we will partner with you to ensure your pet’s wellbeing and high quality of life.

The ASPCA’s Petfinder website provides this informative chart on the changes in health, behavior, grooming, and more throughout the developmental stages of dogs.

Use the links below for more information on our veterinarians’ recommendations on pet health care for all stages of life.

  • Puppy and kitten care—From vaccinations to spaying and neutering your pet, our clear and easy-to-follow protocols will have your new family member off to a healthy start.
  • Pet vaccinations—This page has valuable information on how vaccines work, which vaccines are needed for which pets, and how to best protect your pet from some of the most common and dangerous illnesses.
  • Senior pet care—Our veterinarians share insights on keeping your pet active and enjoying a full life as he or she ages.

The general information you will find on the above pages will give you an excellent foundation of basic pet health care. When you bring your pet in for his or her wellness exam, our staff and veterinarians will be able to customize your pet’s health care options for the unique needs of your pet. Different species, breeds, ages, and activity levels of pets require different care and attention.

While we emphasize client education, nothing replaces the quality counsel and instruction you receive at a wellness exam. Talking one-on-one with Dr. Lawrence or a member of our staff allows us to provide custom advice on the many aspects of maintaining your pet’s health.

The Pet Hospital of Madison