The Pet Hospital of MadisonThe Pet Hospital of Madison is committed to providing safe and pain-free surgical procedures for the pets of the Huntsville area. Our veterinarians have experience and exceptional skill, which, combined with our pre-operative protocols, advanced technology, and recovery care, ensure our patients have a positive outcome.

Veterinary Safety Standards

Our goal is to maximize the safety of our procedures to minimize your concerns and produce the best results for our patients. Purina Care’s Pet Health Library article and informative video give excellent general information on what to expect with pet surgery.

At The Pet Hospital of Madison, we have general safety standards to which we adhere:

  • Mandatory blood work—We thoroughly examine surgical patients and perform a comprehensive pre-aesthetic blood work panel in order to verify that your pet is healthy enough for surgery.
  • Short-acting sedatives and safe anesthetics—We use sedatives prior to anesthesia in order to calm any anxiety, and our inhalant anesthesia is designed to be short-acting so that pets will come out of its affects relatively quickly, minimizing disorientation.
  • Pain management protocol—Before, during, and after any surgical procedure, pets are given pain-controlling medications to minimize any discomfort.
  • 24-hour post-operative stays—We require all our surgical patients to stay overnight for observation. During that time, we will monitor vitals, may administer fluids, and check sutures.

Surgeries Commonly Performed at The Pet Hospital of Madison

  • Spay and neuter
  • Declawing
  • Minor eye surgeries
  • Tumor and mass removals
  • Soft tissue repairs (wounds and lacerations)

Orthopedic surgeries are referred to our sister clinic, Countryside Veterinary Hospital in Toney, Alabama.

Surgeries are performed Monday through Friday, and pets are dropped off the day of surgery between 7 and 8 a.m. If any signs of illness are present or if the pet’s blood work reveals concerns, we may reschedule or do further evaluation before performing surgery.

The Pet Hospital of Madison